RIoT Examples

This is a growing collection of RIoT examples. The complete source code can be found on GitHub.

Simple GPIO Output (Blink)

Constructing RIoT components that change the state of the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) Pins. Connecting a LED to your Raspberry Pi. Basics of constructing an Akka Stream.

GPIO Input and Output

Reading and changing the state of the GPIO ports. Connecting a switch with a pull-up resistor. Processing values in a stream.

I2C: Accessing the BMA280 Accelerometer

Accessing an I2C device. Implementing an I2C protocol. Starting one stream after the other. Streaming from a Collection.

Advanced: Exposing a PLC as JSON Web Services (using PLC4X)

Accessing a PLC using PLC4X, mapping the fields of a POJO to various input and output fields on the PLC. Exposing the POJOs as JSON webservices using Akka HTTP.