Support Forums

The best place to get help with RIoT is Stack Overflow. Don’t forget to search first: finding that someone has already asked your question will always be faster than waiting for an answer. If you ask a new question, tag it with the right term:

  • riot-framework for questions related to Riot Control or the RIoT classes (don’t just use riot, as that tag is variously used for questions about RIOT-OS, the riot Matrix client, Riot.js, and many others).
  • akka-stream for questions about using Akka’s Sinks, Sources, Flows, etc…
  • akka for general questions about configuring Akka and using Actors.


Each part of RIoT has its own issue tracking in github. Please search the existing issues first to make sure you’re not adding a duplicate, and tag your issue as a bug for bug reports, or enhancement to request new features. The trackers are:

  • riot-core for the core classes (accessing GPIO, I2C, etc… as Akka Streams components or Actors)
  • riotctl for the functionality of the RIoT Control tool: Copying your code to a device, installing it as a Service…
  • sbt-riotctl for the integration of RIoT Control in SBT (other integrations may follow)

Your Feedback per Email

If you need to contact us directly, you can use this form to send an e-mail. We’re especially interested in hearing about your personal experience with RIoT, and your thought on where it should go next.

Email will not be the fastest way to get support, though: Please use the Support forum for requests, as they may later benefit another user, and open a GitHub issue for anything we need to track over a longer period.


Some additional information about the RIoT Website:

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